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 KAS Coaching in Kannada and English

Our institute is a trend-setter in KAS coaching with excellent notes since 2014. Teaching programme covers both in Kannada and English medium. We have produced more than 50 class I and class II K.A.S. officers by high quality G.S. and optional notes. G.S. preliminary and mains notes of 2020 edition will be released shortly (Kannada and English medium). And also 9 optional subjects notes for KAS exam of 2020 edition are coming soon. Our emphasis on high quality coaching would continue with updated dynamic notes in the future also.

Coaching Module

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1.  Preliminary Exam                                             G.S. papers (Both in English & Kannada Medium)

      Duration:                                                         3.5  months.

      Method:                                                          Topic wise analysis as per syllabus and clarification on terms, concepts and events.

                                                                               Practice Tests will be conducted regularly.

      Comprehensive coverage on:                   History/ Geography/ Indian Polity/ Indian Economy/ Environment/ Science & Technology/ Art & Culture/ Current Events with special emphasis on Karnataka.

                                                                                             Syllabus and names of the reference books will be given in the regular class.

                                                                                             Extensive study material will be provided to the candidates for the above subjects.

2.  KAS Mains Exam         –      Essay + G.S. (all  4 papers)  Both in English and Kannada Medium.

        Duration:                                     2  months. (Time schedule will be remodeled depending on the requirement)

        Method:                                       Mock tests consists of Level 1 Papers + 1 hour duration tests + 2 hour duration tests and finally model test papers.

                                                        –      Study material along with G.S. Topper notes 2020 will be supplied to the candidates.

                                                             G.S. Topper notes 2020: An innovative aspect of study material is its relevance, quality and usefulness. It has added features of question & answers and current event articles. The notes are totally rewritten.

                                                             Individual attention will be given on the style of the presentation of the answer for Essay, G.S. Papers and Optional.

3. Optionals:                         –    This schedule is mainly designed for Mains exam aspirants.

        Philosophy:                        (English & Kannada Medium)

        Duration:                            1 month. (Time schedule will be remodeled depending on the requirement)

        Method:                              Mock tests will be conducted. And it is followed by explanation and discussion.

                                                     Comprehensive notes are provided in English medium.

Mock Tests for other Optional subjects:

        a) Kannada Literature:          Along with mock tests, extensive notes are provided.

        b) Public Administration:     (Kannada Medium) Mock test with notes are provided.

        c) Rural Development:           (Both in Kannada & English medium) Mock test with notes are provided.

K.A.S. Mains Notes (2020 edition)

        a) G.S. – Kannada & English medium

        b) Philosophy – Kannada & English Medium 

        c) Kannada Literature

        d) Public Administration – Kannada medium

        e) Rural Development – Kannada & English medium

        f) Anthropology – Kannada Medium

        g) Geography – Kannada Medium 

        h) History – Kannada Medium

        i) Political Science – Kannada Medium

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